Dogs and cats get tongue surgery too!

I was searching through the literature checking to see if there was anything new in tongue tie surgery and came across an article titled: Flexile Fiber CO2 Laser -- a Definitive Instrument for Tongue Surgery. Of course I went to it right away. Turns out it was written by a group of veterinarians who also use a CO2 laser for tongue surgery -- on dogs and cats. I enjoyed the article, and have provided a link; however, I must warn you that some of the pictures are not for the faint of heart. Good to know that vets love all the advantages of a CO2 laser as much as I do. All the best, L Haller

Even fish get laser surgery!

Fish don't have tongues, but even they can benefit from laser surgery. USA Today did an article on veterinarians using a CO2 laser to remove a tumor from a goldfish. They have the same laser I do, but specially adapted for vets. Such a sweet story. Enjoy! -now/2016/12/14/family-turns-laser-surgery-treat-ailing-goldfish/95450146/ All the bests, L Haller

Adult Frenectomy after Infant Frenectomy

Tongue ties tend to run in families. It is not at all unusual for a parent to want to have a lingual frenectomy after seeing the amazing results a tongue-tie release had for an infant or child. And they usually experience amazing and interesting results too. Better posture, no more back-of-the-neck tension headaches, no more heartburn/reflux, and no more snoring. They sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. Adult patients almost always tell me immediately after the release that they feel they can breath better. The tongue is amazingly strong and connected to the head and neck in so many ways. The effects of a restricted tongue are different for each person, but the results of re

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Dr. Haller doing a frenectomy on a 17-year-old young man who had speech problems his entire life.

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